Pumpkin Pudding - Pumpkin Pudding Recipe, How To Make Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin Pudding thank you for choosing eternal recipes from heaven welcome pumpkin pudding I'm going to start the recipe. presenting the ingredients 500 grams of cooked pumpkin 50 grams of coconut five eggs 50 grams of butter one part of an orange 30 grams of flour without yeast 200 grams of sugar. and another 120 grams of sugar the caramel I will then start the recipe by making the caramel I have here a form of pudding I will put the sugar in and I will take the stove I will put the form and directly on the stove.

You can also do it in a glass and then use the form but I'll do it right away in the form and we'll wait for the minutes to start to boil already started an expensive course at the time just so. the way and the caramel is ready we're going now as a spoon help I'll stick the center of the shape and now shear caramel lining to form to stay the whole comes anointed I already have here is the completely boring form.
Pumpkin Pudding - Pumpkin Pudding Recipe, How To Make Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin Pudding Making Steps

I'm going to watch this cooking work about 20 minutes with a few pre-salt then I put the drain and now I'll put it on the third now I'm going to grind pumpkin was already golden I'll add the sugar to the flour-butter. reflect a little in the elastic microwave of the orange the coconut and the whole eggs I will mix all the ingredients and it is ready now I go to lie in the way I always put two sheets of kitchen paper roll. and now it is so much that it puts a paper to avoid that passes some humidity to the pudding I will put inside the pot I go to pour water it is appropriate that the height of the water is in the middle of the form.

Now goes the moon when start to boil accounts more or less the 45 minutes and now I will wait for it to boil for after then count the 45 minutes now began to boil I will put on medium heat. I will put the lid and so exclusive for 45 minutes have passed the 45 minutes I will take the pudding I will let cool and then unmold I let the pudding cool and here is the end of the work looked very good aspect of this recipe until a next many congratulations and thank you very much.