How To Make Sweet Pastel At Home Easily - Mybestrecipez

Sweet Pastel

It is a cake very, very easy to make, prepare it to a friend for her birthday and she loved it !!!! Also, The best thing is that you can put what you want, gummy, marshmallow, whatever comes to mind and it will look great I hope you prepare it and send me pictures I would love to see how your imagination plays with the different coverages that can be made.

How To Make Sweet Pastel At Home Easily - Mybestrecipez

Ingredients For Making Sweet Pastel

For the mass
  • 1 package vanilla exquisite sponge cake
  • 3 eggs (to prepare the sponge cake)
  • 220ml milk
For the filling and the coverage
  • 2 pot sweet pastry milk 400g each
For the coverage with sweets
  • 2 Moroccan Cuban boxes
  • 150 g roclers
  • 150 g white chocolate sparks
  • 150 g peanuts with chocolate
  • 150 g marrow
  • 1 black bonobo
  • 1 red ribbon to tie


  1. We make the cake as it says the package, once ready we let it cool and cut it in half
  2. Once we cut it we cover the surface with dulce de leche
  3. And then we put the other half on top
  4. Then we proceed to cover the whole of the cake (surface and edges) with a layer neither too thin nor too thick of dulce de leche
  5. Then we started to place the cubanitos around
  6. Once everything is covered, we place a bonobo in the center and from there we divide the cake into 4 parts with cubanitos and in each of the parties we begin to fill
  7. Finally, we put a ribbon to hold the cubanitos in place, taking great care not to squeeze them demaciados not to break the cubanitos and make a bow.