Recipe for Making Sweet Banana Chips - Sweet Banana Chips Recipe

Sweet Banana Chips Recipe

Recipe for How to Make Sweet Banana Chips - Hello Bun, see you again with ResepKakak, this time I want to share the recipe for Banana Chips which is certainly liked by children. I want to share this recipe because I personally love banana chips.

Recipe for Making Sweet Banana Chips - Sweet Banana Chips Recipe

Who doesn't like banana chips? I would love to ask all the children in Indonesia, but unfortunately, the results will definitely be many who disagree that banana chips are delicious. I personally really like banana chips, maybe because my childhood was always treated to mother-made banana chips, so I want children today to try this delicious banana chips. Because if you pay attention to children's snacks nowadays which I think is a bit extreme, the problem was some time ago, when the new year holiday yesterday, I returned home, and met 2-3 who were distant brothers, and when I asked, what food did you like the most and they answered the macaron, or croissant (bread name). Yes, children, but already experts with good bread or cake terms, maybe they are always treated to these sweet and delicious foods so these chips might be thought of in the old days.

Banana chips are very simple chips, and very tasty to eat especially accompanied by a cartoon on TV (if I used to like that, eat banana chips accompanied by Doraemon cartoon or dragon ball cartoon) haha. Well, instead of listening to me I confide at length, let's hunt just how to make it, simple and certainly very easy to make.

Sweet Banana Chips Material

  • 1 old banana comb
  • 6 tablespoons of sugar
  • 1 tsp betel lime
  • The right amount of oil
  • Steps to make Sweet Banana Chips

Steps to make Sweet Banana Chips:

  • Peel all existing banana skins.
  • Slice all the bananas into thin, thin metal coins.
  • Prepare a clean container, and pour 1 liter of water into it.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of betel lime and dissolve with the banana slices.
  • Soak the banana slices for about 30 minutes (if done correctly, usually the water will change color to slightly brownish, the sign is that the banana juice has come out).
  • Lift the banana slices to another container, and wash thoroughly, and drain.
  • While we wait for the banana to dry slightly, we boil the water with sugar that was prepared earlier.
  • Heat the oil over medium heat, if the oil is already hot, take about 5-6 bananas to fry, we will fry in that portion, you can add more, but make sure you don't let the banana become black and burnt.
  • Occasionally stir the banana and when the banana is about to dry, we reduce the heat, and pour 1 spoonful of vegetables (about 3 tbsp) of sugar solution that we have prepared earlier, and stir slowly.
  • Fry the banana again until golden yellow.
  • Remove and drain then dry in one container, (if I use traditional bamboo vegetables. You can use a large plate to hold it while waiting for the chips to dry).
  • Repeat until all the bananas are fried.
  • Banana chips are ready to be served while warm.


This banana chips can last a long time, provided you put the jar so that the quality of the banana chips is still good. Children will definitely like this crispy and sweet banana chips, but of course, you also have to pay attention and control so you don't consume too much and have to drink enough water to not heat up.

Good luck.