How To Make Japanese Takoyaki Recipe – Delicious Japanese Recipe

Japanese Takoyaki Recipe 

Recipe for How to Make Japanese Takoyaki Simple Tasty - Those who have taken snacks to Tokyo Street must have been familiar with this one food. Takoyaki is a round shaped snack and smothered in mayonnaise and this sauce is very tasty on the tongue. Takoyaki usually contains peeled squid and takoyaki making must also use takoyaki molding tools in the manufacturing process. So, if you want to make takoyaki which is a typical Japanese snack on this one, make sure you have bought the print, yes, because besides making it easy, you can also print takoyaki perfectly. We can buy takoyaki prints at the nearest mall that sells kitchen cooking utensils, or you can also buy them online by buying used molds, but it's still good, of course. If you already have takoyaki prints, you can see the recipe for making Japanese takoyaki simple and delicious below.

How To Make Japanese Takoyaki Recipe – Delicious Japanese Recipe
Japanese Takoyaki Recipe

Takoyaki  Making Material:

  • 175 grams of good quality wheat flour
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 egg
  • 350cc water broth, any brand
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 100 grams of squid peeled, before steaming until cooked first, then cut into boxes
  • 1 stem of leeks, chopped
  • 100cc sauce
  • 50cc mayonnaise
  • 1/2 tsp of salt
  • Katsu busyi and oil to fry to taste

Steps For Making Japanese Takoyaki Recipe:

  1. Provide 1 container and break 1 chicken egg into it along with 2 egg yolks then shake/stir. Then mix the liquid stock into it, and stir again until evenly distributed.
  2. After that, add salt, baking powder and flour then stir well.
  3. After the mixture is ready to flatten, prepare a takoyaki mold and heat it. Add or rub the oil on the surface of the takoyaki grill.
  4. Then pour the takoyaki mixture onto the mold until it is half filled with the mold. Then paste the chopped leeks and squid into the takoyaki mixture in the mold. Cover the dough by adding/pouring the new mixture until the squid inserted is covered by the mixture. Do it at once for each mold until the mixture expands and ripens.
  5. In order for the level of maturity of the takoyaki to be evenly distributed, turn the takoyaki position after expanding by sticking a stick on the takoyaki then turning it over. This step aims to keep the shape unchanged and remain round in shape from top to bottom.
  6. After cooking, lift and place it on a serving plate and then give a sprinkling of katsu busyi and sauce or mayonnaise to your taste.
  7.  Now Takoyaki Calamari Delicious simple ready to serve.


For beginners, making takoyaki does not need to target the perfection of the shape, but look for a taste that fits on the tongue. If you don't like squid, you can replace it with sausage, shrimp or minced meat. Keep trying, and you will be proficient by itself. Thank you for visiting!