how to make delicious avocado pudding - avocado pudding Recipe

how to make delicious avocado pudding

Recipe for Making Avocado Pudding Delicious - Hello mother, see you again after a long vacuum, there are a lot of thesis activities, and thank God, I have graduated, so now I can focus on cooking, hehe. Now on this occasion, I will share a few delicious pudding recipes. Well, the story is that in the past week, my mother wants to eat pudding, now it's because the usual chocolate pudding I made seems to be bored, I created a pudding this time with avocado flavor. It turns out it tastes good! Not inferior to the usual chocolate pudding I made. Indeed, it can't compare the taste of chocolate with avocados, but the avocado pudding taste is very unique, and of course, children will also like the taste of this delicious pudding as a snack in the afternoon.

how to make delicious avocado pudding - avocado pudding Recipe

The green color of the avocado pudding turned out to provide extra freshness in the taste. The soft and tasty portion of the pudding will be the dessert that you will wait for after dinner for sure. Besides being delicious, this Avocado has many benefits, you know! One of the uses of avocados is maintaining heart health. The story has a story, first when I went to the clinic near the house with my father, the doctor told me to eat avocados, he said it was good for heart health. Now that's what the doctor said. Many people say that doctors say 20% can be trusted. But if we just can't believe the doctor's words, who else should we make as a benchmark in a healthy life?

Recipes for Making Delicious Avocado Pudding

Now, rather than the unclear story of stale, let's just peek at the recipe for making avocado pudding along with the ingredients needed.

Avocado Pudding Recipe ingredients

  • 1 bks of gelatin powder
  • ½ liter of clean water
  • ¼ kg of avocado, puree
  • 200 cc of vanilla milk, sweetened thick
  • 3 eggs, take the white part
  • Adequate sugar
  • The green coloring is sufficient (maybe missed, to live healthier).

Steps To Make Delicious Avocado Pudding

First of all, we have to do is heat the pan that we have filled with half a liter of water, and add it with the avocado ingredients that we have pureed before. Add green artificial coloring, granulated sugar, vanilla sweetened condensed milk and of course gelatinous powder. Mix well until and wait until boiling and cooked.

While waiting, we take the container that contains 3 eggs and shake. After that pour the results of the cocked gelatin into the egg white container. Stir evenly slowly.

After the mixing is complete, all we have to do is print the pudding by pouring it into the pudding mold. For the pudding mold, it's up to the mother, what is the shape, the good mold is well which is heat resistant and not sticky when it cools later. After that, we put the agar pudding in the freezer or refrigerator. This process can also be done after the pudding has cooled slightly so that our freezer or refrigerator is not damaged quickly, hehe.

After the pudding in the refrigerator is ready and chewy, the delicious avocado pudding is ready to be served with your closest loved ones and relatives.


This avocado pudding is very suitable to be enjoyed as a dessert, therefore we can serve it after finishing dinner especially children of course love this chewy and super tasty food. For a better taste, we can combine the avocado pudding with the addition of chocolate on top, of course, to make it more attractive and add flavor to the pudding itself.